Sunday, April 20, 2014

Some Nuggets from The Pilgrim writer's journal.....

                       THE TRUTH

There is a lot of liars out here,

Criminals ,Cons- Hustlers.

But there is one thing and

That's if something isn't True

If you are not honest with them

They can always tell, and

They don't like it

It's funny how people don't understand that.

----Miss Bartlett.

The Pilgrim -Black seed writers group

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                 THE RIGHT TO EXIST

Feels like all my living 

has mostly been a whole lotta fightin

for the right to exist.

Sitting on a jetty in the autumn rain

Friday night

I 'm huddled in my raincoat

trying to write

without soaking the page

Girls in glitter and pumps come by

fallin all over and under  the fog

first rangers , then cops come by-

trying to arrest me cause I refuse

to evacuate with no cause

But the girls in glitter can throw their

pumps all over the place

Long ago and far away

Colorado, rustle my stuff out of tall

grasses and rattlesnake nests

Confiscate my photos,

artwork for evidence

sent my sage and herbs

for forensic tests

Try to build a raft to camp

the only place legal and free and 

they say my old discarded fence and

nails will never pass as watercraft

Oh,and so the stories go

just plain cut and dried injustice -

I try not to be belligerent

instead fight them with calm logic

make them question themselves

put their sanity on trial, to the test

so their heart may change. . . . .

But more often 

Authority proven wrong

gets MEANER : seeking heads to roll

so the battle goes on 

the never ending need to be right

and when you think you've found

peace, Look ! Here it some again !

Another fight for the right to exist.

--- Katie Schultz

The Pilgrim -Black seed writers group
Jan /Feb Volume 3, Issue I

           *    *    *    *    *

                   LENTEN DARKNESS 

Lent will start in March this year. I've had to start

preparing for it now because it's been such an 

intense year.I¹ve always been able to put things 

in perspective, make peace with myself and move 

on after holy communion, but this year I may have 

to ask for some sort of extension.

I've met some very bad people and I¹ve seen bad 

things happen ­to me and to people around me.

I don't have a problem with forgiving people; 

I¹ve practiced that all my life. 

But I do need to determine how to forgive these 

people without enabling them to do these things again.

I¹m trying to understand their actions and intentions

so I can have a forgiveness that is clean and pure.

I won¹t receive communion at Easter with hurried

decisions of forgiveness it would be half-hearted.

Maybe I'll focus on what I can do, and get an

extension for the more complex things.

---- Diana Kottori,
 Source : The Pilgrim.The black seed writers group.