Thursday, April 11, 2013

Place of Prayer......

When a place of prayer is used

for purposes other than what it is

Its relevance is lost and

It no more stands on the sacred ground.


Protectionism and aggression are born out of

insecurities known and unknown.

Sunday, April 07, 2013


Prejudice is an affliction of Human intelligence

that leads one to be blind in ones wisdom as opposed to

an insight leading to a proper understanding.

A racist ,castist mind..........

A racist,castist mind is the One

that is endowed with such ignorance and prejudice

which makes it lead a more disgraceful life

than the one it discriminates up on. 

To know.....

Ther is no more unknown in what is all ready known

and only in the unknown lies the possible future.

 *    *    *     *

A bhramin by cast is a distanced entity from the Bhraman.

By and large every person is a castist and recist

For it is by virtue of reason one gets to see

The fasle nature of such identities

for such indeties in the first place are always

the making of the unreasonable.

Athbutha...... ( Purva Memansa)

What God has prepared for those Who love him/her......

No eye has seen

No ear has heard

No mind has conceived........

   ---- Isaiah 64 : 4