Sunday, May 09, 2010

The nature of Intelligence.

By knowing truth alone One can learn to be wise

Anything other than that is misuse of Intelligence.

To stand alone.

One has to be free to be able to stand up alone for truth.

One could be called a Holy person and yet not stand up for truth.

Jesus said I will put my self on the cross for you

so that you can walk the path of truth and

it is not about me but about you and your children I speaketh.

What One Sees.

What one sees is the reflection of

what one does not see

so is what one knows and is

what one lives and believes in.

Matters of Birth and Death.

How does It matter where when and how

one is born except for one comes from the Mothers womb.

Like wise hoe does it matter when where and how one dyes

except for the fact of death.