Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Brotherhood of Man.....

No man must let his brother feel

The sting injustice brings

But rather help him walk in pride

And soar on Freedom's wings.

For each man is diminished not

When he shall help another

And understand and comfort him

And call a man his brother.

No man must let another weep

Or see his chance denied.

For each must walk the path of hope

And dream the dream, untried.

No man must let the truth be stilled,

Stand mute when he should speak

Or set the truth in shadows dark

for just a few to seek

No man must have to live in fear

or bondage from the past

But strive to reach the highest goal

And build for love to last.

And each must hold another's dream

And call that dream his own

And share the things his brother feels

To set Love's cornerstone.

---- poetess mary Millis was born in New England. Her mother's family was of Native American heritage and her roots are of early Dutchand French and Italian settlers.