Saturday, December 20, 2008

Eves dropping.

The desire to eves drop on others is

often born out of false conscience.


All method is madness.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


In order to create life a new

one has to destroy the past legacy.

----Sacrifice by Andrai Tarkovsky.

To be doomed.

As humanity we are doomed

in our indifference to each other.


Sacredness of humanity

does not lie in untouchability but

in letting each have their own space and

treating all life with dignity.


One finds meaning in the likenes of

ones thougths and actions.

For the one who is in union with ones self

the need for meaning is non existent.


The ones that lack in Virtue

voluntarily become culpable and corrupt( thought and action)

leading themselves to delusional existence

alienated from reality and

ultimately the truth.


If God is the essence of all creation.

Then what is the need for our subjective understanding

Unless it is to indulge in our thinking

which is far from perfect.

Thought and Awareness.

Thought is a projection of

neurotic intelligence and

cessation of thought is

the being in its awareness.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Compromise and Understanding.

The need to compromise is

born out of insecurity

where as to accommodate

comes from understanding.


To be a celebrity is to

be scandalous.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The corrupt and coward.

Cowards hide behind the corrupt.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Enforcement is

the last resort of hope.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


To celebrate is to

find one's free spirit

and that is a blessing.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Fool and Parasite.

A fool is someone who fails to

examine ones own self( conduct)

while a Parasite by nature

is incapable of even such and

both are a burden to society.


The better way to Humour

is to be able to laugh at ourselves

That makes one not only humorous

but also wise.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Democracy is about people

making an informed choice

to be responsible for

their lives and conduct.

Friday, October 31, 2008

The foundations of Fascism.

The foundations of fascism

not only lie in our respective cultures

but also in our rootedness to succeed and

mutual mistrust over our different identities

which are nothing but the diversity of nature.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Too many cooks....

Too many crooks spoil the broth.

Monday, October 27, 2008


In truth we not only find one self

But also humanity.

True Love.

True love is tragic.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Wise and Criminal.

While the criminals offer spoils

The wise show the right path.

Genius and Mediocrity.

Genius is melancholy

An all consuming passion

Mediocrity is self annihilation.


While the foot soldiers kill each other

The corrupt rulers bargain spoils.

Digging Graves.

We all dig our own graves

Others just labour for it.


In greed, one visits self destruction.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


All knowledge in its extremes ( excess) is destructive

while abstinence is the remedy as in self humility.

To be happy.

In order to be happy in this world, All that one needs is harmony and peace.

About Winning.

It is not in our imagination we win

but it is in our understanding we triumph.

Monday, October 20, 2008


All societies and cultures are


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


An informer is never authentic.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Forgive those who are fallen

They are not the sinners by birth.

But sure are the sinners

Who have spread their bad seed.

Enemy-Friend and Nothingness.

Teaching the enemy ones own ways and
making them in the likeness of oneself is revenge.
Friends give and take and
rejoice in the likeness of each other.
The one who is artificial and deceptive
is neither a friend nor an enemy.
It is an existence in nothingness.

Born Again.

To be born again, one has to walk back each step until the moment of birth.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Planning is Revenge. ___ Black Sabbath.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Telling lies is not only being disrespectful but also undermining others existence.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


All identities,whether tribal or bhraminical or otherwise are subject to manipulation and exploitation.

Sophistry as morality is a sterile convention.A decadent and non creative( non life) process completely engaged in destructive dynamics.

All intelligence is non-local and native.

Transcendence and entertainment, culture and civilizations are the notional entanglements of the ego and as an industry they perpetuate the dialectics of host and parasite, observer and the observed, a conflict that undermines all existence,identity, harmony and sense of beauty.

Privileging Nature over the constructs of individual( ego based) knowledge and an insight in to its working is, what leads to the evolution of enlightened societies.

All civil liberties are a grooming grounds for ideological fascism, a parasitical condition based on immorality,a reflection of the rise of decadent societies.

As for any pathology, the only living self can come to its rescue, provided it is free from any corrupt influence.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Forgiveness comes from freedom. Only those who are truly free are capable of forgiving.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fear of Enemy.

Fear not the enemy. It is just a construct of a delusional mind. Fear thyself. The deep corners of Darkness where light can not reach. Where there is no hope.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Living in the past.

Living in the past is like sleeping with a corpse. Living life is a movement of birth from past.

Friday, August 15, 2008

To Quest.

What is there to quest

except for overcoming ones ego

If you have the spirit

you live to flower

If you have the youthful energy

You ride horses climb mountains swim high seas Chase winds

Living beautifully is to

clelebrate the splendour of (ones) nature.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Meaning and Discourse.

All dialog is existential and

is born out in search of meaning.

The one who knows the nature of meaning is

free from discourse.

Dharma in action.

The guilty should restrain from contesting. The corrupt should not be chosen to judge. The honest and innocent should be spared from inquiry.

Friday, August 01, 2008

To be worthy.

Generosity and compassion are

not to be played with dubiousness.

They are true reflections of

a worthy person.

Scientifc Method.

The best scientific method is

self investigation.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

To Be or not To Be.

The nature and relavance of a discourse is

only to avoid the possible demise of meaning.

When our actions and discourse does not

frutify in to intended objectivity

then the outcome of such is considered tragic.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

The ontology of Cinematography and reflections on Cinema.

Re: FILMOSOPHY- Ontology of Cinematography and reflection on Cinema.
The ontology of cinematography and the reflections on cinema addresses the question of what film is, what makes a film a film, and to examine what Wittgenstein would call the grammar of our concept of film and the role films play in the forms of our life.
The ability to record moving images therefore arrived at the modernist and histories of cinema together belong to the modernism. In the convergence of humanistic enterprise, scientific inquiry, artistic endeavor and philosophical debates that, together framed both modernism and the birth of cinema.
Cinematography is the projection of images suspended in time and space. The Images that are seemingly real have their own grammar and represent their own world,” An autonomous world”. These images that are recorded and projected, which are in constant conversation with us and are trying to say something(s), which are sometimes akin to our own experiences and beyond, and this beyond can only be mediated through participation.
It is up to the man posited at both the ends that of a creator and receiver (perceiver, audience, participator, critic and Investigator) to make meaning out of these images,” The images in conversation”.
The ontology of film is to relate to the nature and reflexivity of film, Film about film, to examine its own processes and structures. Film thus becomes an investigation and demonstration of its own properties, an epistemological and didactic enterprise.
In a GREENBERGERIAN sense film is located in the history of modernism, A radical divide from the past academic disciplines and forms of art (literature, painting, music). As such film is posited in modernity a technological revolution. To refer to SHARITS one can see the dual nature of film (recording process-optical/ material process) a problematic eqivocality which is perhaps cinema’s most ontological issue.
The film is self-referential is a tool of inquiry in to the problems of film language and film being. The images or sequences in film making are organized in order to convey a determinate sense of meaning, in other words the need of reference and denotation governs the structures of all the various levels down wards. This particular need in cinema to capture a likeness of the world can be dispensed with and consequently new structural protocols introduced. These need not lead to meaninglessness because a principle of self-referentiality is introduced. So the film is about itself and its own structure.
Film because of it duality of being can both be an autonomous object and its own self-representation. Through the idea of the object hood of the film itself, through its circular process of self-reflection, film is now directed towards its own nature.
In the general arena of ideology, film making can avoid pitfalls of illusionism, of simply being a substitute for the world parasitic on ideology, which it reproduces as reality.
Film as projected in time and space given to its organic nature (that of raw material assuming forms, shapes, sounds etc) seems like breathing life by which it seems to equally assume the significance of the world as we experience it. Film by the nature off its own self-reflexivity as “life” is ontologically bound to philosophy as a discipline. Posited in modernity cinematography (FILM) in a magical sense has become central to being and philosophy.
The essence of art does not lie in mere craftsmanship of the thing so that the encountered can disclose itself in its being. In an encounter with a work of art, we become more fully present and we bring what we have experienced and who we are in to play and our whole self-understanding is placed in balance or suspended. The experience takes place in the unity and continuity of our own self-understanding. The legitimacy of the art does not lie in the disinterested aesthetic pleasure but when it reveals as being. It presents us with a world, A new world.
When an Artist/film maker who has the power to transform in to an image or a form his experience of being the materials that are used are not altered but transformed. There is a total mediation and mediation of art must be thought as a whole. It is precisely the experience of art which shows that the work of art has an authentic being in the fact that in becoming experience it transforms the experiencer. ”The work of art works.”
The subject of the experience of art the thing that endures through time is not the subjectivity of the one who experiences the work but it is the work itself.
A world is out there for exploration .but neither the empirical description of entities within it nor even the ontological interpretation of the individual as such will encounter the phenomenon of world. The world is something sensed “along side” the entities that appear in the world. Yet understanding must be through world. World and understanding are inseparable parts of the ontological constitution of being in its existence. The world in which we exist is more than simply the realm of the preconscious operation of the mind in perception. It is the realm in which the actual resistance and possibilities in the structure of being shape understanding. In short it is the realm of hermeneutical process by which being becomes thematized as language a filmic language.
As Paul Sharits would put it, the most fruitful research procedure lies in making films that are indeed in the strict sense of the word experimental. Such films made by the researchers would produce information about their own linguistic /cinematic/philosophical structures.
As Deleuze would hint when he says: "This is the first aspect of the new cinema [time-image]: the break in the sensory-motor link (action-image), and more profoundly in the link between man and the world.
Much of what he says is based in a belief that cinema has in fact changed the way we think and feel about times and the world we live in.
A paradigmatic shift in terms of our understanding and construction of reality, An ontological reality that is based on Dasein, whose essence of understanding lies in the discloser of the concrete potentialities for being within the horizons of one’s own placement in the world to a newer understanding, a profound change in our perception of a world, where filmic reality interlopes and inter operates with the self.
Thus the self-referential film is a tool of inquiry in to the problems of film language and film being.
Through the idea of object hood of the film itself as in its autonomous nature, through the circular process of self-reflection, self examination, self investigation film is directed towards its own nature” seen as ontologically inherent in the medium, where Film and philosophy together in their reflexivity can forge a common ground as in "Filmosophy," giving rise to a new discipline of thinking and epistemic investigation in to the very nature of unknown and Film making,( Digital content) thus can be a project of meaning with horizons beyond itself.

To be wise....

I don't know what it is to be wise

Except that I can't tell the difference.

To A friend......

Tell me something new my friend

Have you got a new soul

Did you bring a fresh breeze

are you full of forgiveness.


Forgiveness comes from with in

The expression is just a metaphor.

Sahadeva.......A Tribute to Gilles Deluze.

Our prejudices are

our stumbling blocks.

Who is a friend and who is enemy

It is all make believe

Some fallow Jesus and some his captors

Faith is blind and

the unfaithful are irrational

The knowers of the truth

Know the difference

Which path we travel

The choice is beyond horizon

In the end of journey

We only find ourselves.


The other self has fallowed

One self on the path unseen.

------A tribute to Gilles Deleuze.....

Beyond me.....

Don't look beyond me

For I am reality.

I am of simple nature

Letting go of comes to me naturally.

For all things in life are transient

Including one self.

Life is just a moment in eternity

Love is root of all things

We all come to be.

Self pity.........

What is there to gather around

Except for self pity.

Life lived with out memory is

pure consciousness.

-----Re: FILM-PHILOSOPHY Digest - 4 Jun 2008 to 5 Jun 2008 (#2008-210)/peer reviews

Keeping scores....

keeping scores is

poor mathematics.

The Humble One............

Re: FILM-PHILOSOPHY Digest - 3 Jun 2008 - Special issue (#2008-204).

Cowards exploit the brave

Life at the mercy of death

Conventions corrupt minds

Disciplines limit boundaries

All truth lies beyond knowledge

The end of knowledge is the beginning of wisdom

The one that is wise is humble.