Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The spirit of God- Gita Govindam.

There is not one Radha

There are many Radhas

There is not one Bhakta

There are many Bhaktas

There is not one child of God

There are many children of God

There is not one God

There are many Gods

There is not one Truth

There are many Truths

Only in the plurality of Nature

The Spirit exists.

Things in Themselves...

When Fighting We get to receive a Blow

While Playing We get to have Fun

In Peace We get to have an Alley (Friend)

In Efficiency We get to have Confidence

In Kindness We get to have Respect

In Charity We get to have Blessings

In Sharing Prosperity (Success)

We get to have someone Content

In Faith and Good Leadership

We get to have Trust and Followers

In Sacrifice We get to have Love.