Saturday, September 20, 2008


All identities,whether tribal or bhraminical or otherwise are subject to manipulation and exploitation.

Sophistry as morality is a sterile convention.A decadent and non creative( non life) process completely engaged in destructive dynamics.

All intelligence is non-local and native.

Transcendence and entertainment, culture and civilizations are the notional entanglements of the ego and as an industry they perpetuate the dialectics of host and parasite, observer and the observed, a conflict that undermines all existence,identity, harmony and sense of beauty.

Privileging Nature over the constructs of individual( ego based) knowledge and an insight in to its working is, what leads to the evolution of enlightened societies.

All civil liberties are a grooming grounds for ideological fascism, a parasitical condition based on immorality,a reflection of the rise of decadent societies.

As for any pathology, the only living self can come to its rescue, provided it is free from any corrupt influence.