Saturday, December 20, 2008

Eves dropping.

The desire to eves drop on others is

often born out of false conscience.


All method is madness.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


In order to create life a new

one has to destroy the past legacy.

----Sacrifice by Andrai Tarkovsky.

To be doomed.

As humanity we are doomed

in our indifference to each other.


Sacredness of humanity

does not lie in untouchability but

in letting each have their own space and

treating all life with dignity.


One finds meaning in the likenes of

ones thougths and actions.

For the one who is in union with ones self

the need for meaning is non existent.


The ones that lack in Virtue

voluntarily become culpable and corrupt( thought and action)

leading themselves to delusional existence

alienated from reality and

ultimately the truth.


If God is the essence of all creation.

Then what is the need for our subjective understanding

Unless it is to indulge in our thinking

which is far from perfect.

Thought and Awareness.

Thought is a projection of

neurotic intelligence and

cessation of thought is

the being in its awareness.